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  • Chicago, born and raised. 

    20 rules I manage my teams and live by:

    1. Live Passionately.
    2. Succeed through your teammates.
    3. Prioritize learning.
    4. Prioritize teaching.
    5. Be an individual, working as a team.
    6. Never pay asking price. Negotiate.
    7. Find the expert. Ask for help.
    8. Excellence is a standard.
    9. Be egoless.
    10. Don't point fingers, solve problems.
    11. Jack of many, master many.
    12. Act in the organization's best interests.
    13. Take ownership in your position.
    14. Actively seek out bottlenecks.
    15. Recognize opportunity.
    16. Always give credit.
    17. Think on your toes.
    18. Don’t gossip.
    19. Be punctual. If you're on time, you're late.
    20. If you feel like singing, sing.


    Feel free to barrow these, change these, steal these, and share these rules as you see fit.

  • what am I great at...

    Business Development • Strategic Planning • Client Services & Engagement • Agile Project Management • Team Building • Developer Relations • Affiliate Marketing • Brand Strategy • Sales & Lead Generation • Business Relationship Management • Process Driven ROI • Social Media Strategy • Event Planning

    work experince includes

    Associate Director Digital Strategy

    Rise Interactive


    Founder & CEO
    Shopping.Gives, Inc.


    Director of Digital Strategy
    Idea Booth, LLC


    Client Engagment & Strategry

    Rocket Fuel Labs, LLC


    Executive Vice President

    K-12 Teachers Alliance


    Director Business Development

    CouponTrade.com (Now Raise.com)


    Account Manager / Social Media Director

    CouponCabin, Inc.


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    PynIt allows you to find and get driving directions to the places you visit most, such as local restaurants, gas stations, and banks, with just one single click.


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